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Tricks & Treats

Trick or Treat Studio

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Spellen - Vrienden En Familie Spellen

2-4 spelers
leeftijd 8+

You and your friends have just returned from a fruitful trick-or-treating journey. But now the real fun begins. The grownups have tasked you and your friends to fairly distribute the candy pile. But all of you have something else in mind. Be the one to get the most candy at the end of the game to win!

Tricks & Treats is a family-friendly card game for 2-4 players.


Each player takes turns placing candy into several numbered Halloween candy baskets on the table. The objective is to have the most candy in your basket by the end of the game. The catch is.. if another player can figure out which basket is yours, he/she can tattle on you and bump you out of the game.